Ruhangiz Heydarova

Chairperson of SEBA (Seoul-Baku) Azerbaijan-Korean Cultural Exchange Association, PhD in Biology

SEBA (Seoul-Baku) Azerbaijan-Korean Cultural Exchange Association

The idea of establishment of SEBA (Seoul-Baku) Azerbaijan-Korean Cultural Exchange Association, which was incorporated in 2004, is linked to the Korean sport of Taekwondo. The growing interest in taekwondo in Azerbaijan along with this sport gave an impulse to cooperation with the Republic of Korea in other sport activities as well.

Our major events held since 2005 to date, have been carried out with the support of Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva, the First Vice-President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and the Friends of Azerbaijani Culture Foundation (currently the Azerbaijani Culture Foundation), UNESCO and ISESCO Goodwill Ambassador.

While making important contributions to the establishment and development of cooperation between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Korea in the field of healthcare, science, archaeology, education, culture, art etc., SEBA Association has undertaken a number of successful projects in both countries. Culture days in Korea and Azerbaijan, painting and art exhibitions, concerts, cinema, fashion show, culinary presentations, book and catalog publications, healthcare and charity projects including opening of the first and the only Korean Oriental Medicine Clinic in Baku etc. can be given as an example of such projects.

You are free to check out this website to get more details about wide-range activities of the SEBA Association. We hope it will help you to gain a better understanding of our organization. In the meantime, you will get an opportunity to establish live contact with physicians working at the Korean Oriental Medicine Clinic as well as get acquainted with the ancient Gabala with a two thousand five hundred years’ history, the archaeological excavation sites preserved at its territory and the Gabala Archaeological Centre.

Looking forward to seeing each of you at our future events.

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Gabala archaeological centre

The city of Gabala - as the main capital city of Caucasian Albania (under the name “Kabala”) is known in written sources from the 1st century AD (according to the “Natural History” of the Roman author Pliny the Elder). However, archaeological studies date the city’s emergence to earlier  period - the 5th century BC. Thus, we can say that the city of Gabala has a 2500-year history (according to Ilyas Babayev, Teymur Bunyadov and others).

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